JG0010,13 Renesas R5F6172x, R5F61797 Read/Write

JG0010,13 Renesas R5F6172x, R5F61797 Read/Write



Supported models and availabled functions:

  • R5F61721,1723,1725 300KB Flash+EEprom Write Crypto
  • R5F61721,1723,1725 Flash+EEprom Write No Crypto
  • R5F61726 Flash+EEprom Write No Crypto
  • R5F61727 Flash+EEprom Write No Crypto
  • R5F61797 Flash+EEprom Write No Crypto
  • R5F61721/1723,1725 16 KB EEprom Read/Write
  • R5F61721/1723,1725 256 KB Flash Read/Write
  • R5F61726 32 KB EEprom Read/Write
  • R5F61726 384 KB Flash Read/Write
  • R5F661727 32 KB EEprom Read/Write
  • R5F1727 512 KB Flash Read/Write
  • R5F61797 32 KB EEprom Rad/Write
  • R5F61797 512 KB Flash Rad/Write


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