The Universal Emulator of Passenger’s Seat

The Universal Emulator of Passenger’s Seat



The Universal emulator of passenger’s seat, allows to switch off the controller of airbaig.Depending on R1, R2, R4, R5. The emulator can be used to different kinds of mat.

Supported models:

  • Mazda
  • Mercedes
    • A class(..2003),
    • C klass(..2000),
    • E class (…99)
    • C klass(2000…)
    • E class (2000….)
  • Fiat Stilo Mata
    • Fiat Stillo passenger’s seat occupied
    • Fiat Stillo passenger’s seat free
  • BMW version USA  2005…
    • E60
    • E65
    • E90
  • BMW version Europa 2005…
    • E60
    • E65
    • E90
    • E70


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