Emulator Immo 3 VW,Seat,Skoda,Aud CAN (2000-…)

Emulator Immo 3 VW,Seat,Skoda,Aud CAN (2000-…)



VW , Seat , Skoda , Audi Immo 3 CAN Immobiliser Emulator (2000- …)

The assembly consists in soldering 4 wires (+ 12V, mass, CAN H, CAN L) and programming the 24c02 memory located on the emulator.
The website provides a program that generates a ready file to the 24c02 memory. In order to generate the file, 6 bytes  of Component Security (CS) should be given.
Component Security can be determined by reading the EEpromm from the driver. If you cannot read the CS, send us the EEprom file in order to determine the CS.


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